Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 3 (captain price) Art:

Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 3 (captain price) Art:
(in-game screen-shots)

© Activision / Infinity Ward —
Jake Rowell = Character Art & Marketing Image / Steven Giesler & Jake Rowell = Head Art / Taehoon Oh, Peter Chen, Gennady Babichenko = Weapon Art

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  1. Levy

    Hey mate .. just wanted to say .. all those pictures are great i love them ..
    i have a request .. would u wanna do some of delta team aswell ?
    like sandman- grinch – frost ?
    that would be awesome
    great work

  2. Danny

    Thanks for posting these. They are very well done.

    I was wondering whether you’d plan to put up some character artwork for Sandman and/or the other Delta soldiers from Metal 0-1 at some time. Many people would surely appreciate to have something about the fan-favourite Deltas.

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