Alias Beast – (beast) Art:

Alias Beast – (beast) Art:
This is a collection of work I did for a tutorial DVD for Alias/Wavefront.
It never came to pass – mainly because Alias was purchased by Autodesk around the same time and the deal never materialized.
That said, it was still a fun project and I was able to collaborate with Andy Jones, Jeff Unay, Erick Miller and more.
Great group of guys!

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    I’m sorry to say – it never came out…..
    Alias was purchased by Autodesk around that time – and my deal was never finalized!
    To bad – it was shaping up to be a nice tutorial – ranging from visual development – through modeling, texturing and look-development.
    We even talked about doing a lighting tutorial – since we had a solid rig/animation by Andy Jones (Avatar & Superman Returns) and Erick Miller (iRobot & Spiderman 3)

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